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How Does This Work?

Our Website Leasing Program includes a customized WordPress template. When you have subscribed, you will immediately receive a Style Survey to input your preferences for the look and feel of your website. After that, you will receive guidelines for preparing and delivering the content for your site. Once we have received all of your materials, we will begin developing your website. You will have an opportunity to request revisions to the design and the content, as well as a final round of “minor” tweaks. We want to make sure you are totally thrilled with the finished product!

What’s Included:

Your new Lead Capture website plan includes the following: creation and customization of up to 5 static pages plus a 3 page marketing funnel and a "Lead Magnet," which is a document you offer your visitors to download for free in exchange for their email address. Your Lead Magnet can be either a checklist or a discount coupon. The following elements are included in your monthly lease:
  • Up to 5 Content Pages - These pages can include text, images, links, and even contact forms. Common choices are: Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services, FAQs, Pricing, or Testimonials. We will guide you through this decision.
  • Lead Magnet - This is marketing lingo for a download you offer to your visitors for free in exchange for their email address. Your Lead Magnet can be either a checklist or a discount coupon.
  • Auto-Respond Emails - After someone requests your Lead Magnet, you will need to deliver it to them. We'll create up to 3 emails to send out. (Email marketing software account is required. If you don't already have one, we can recommend free or low cost options.)
  • Lead Capture Funnel - More marketing speak! A funnel is basically a set of predetermined steps you guide a website visitor through, all while building up your reputation and encouraging them to take a desired action, such as downloading your Lead Magnet, or contacting you to become a customer.
  • Website Software - Licensed installation of the fabulous Divi Theme page builder ($249 value) installed in WordPress.
  • Customization - We will make the site uniquely your own by using your logo, brand colors, and other style preferences indicated in your Style Survey (the next step!).
  • Photo Optimization - We will optimize your photos to make sure they display properly and don't slow down your site.
  • Stock Photos - Don't have your own photos? No problem. Up to 5 stock photos are included ($150 value).
  • Two Tasks per month - A “task” is defined as something that can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less ($150/month if purchased separately).
  • Website Hosting - Your site will be hosted on a shared WordPress hosting environment ($40/month if purchased separately).
  • WordPress Maintenance - We will make sure your website stays fast and secure ($115/month if purchased separately). See below for details.

What’s Not Included

  • Copy (aka the text for each page). All of the text for your site must be provided by you. If you would like to add on professional copywriting services, we would be happy to provide a quotation for this service.
  • Imagery - Any photos or imagery for your site should come from you (with the exception of the 5 stock photos mentioned above). If you don’t have images, we can use graphic elements or select additional stock imagery for purchase.
  • Domain Name - If you DO NOT currently have a domain name, we would be happy to help you register and purchase one that suits your business perfectly. If you DO have a domain name, we will need account credentials for the domain name registrar.
  • SEO - All Sweet Tea websites are launched "SEO Ready," but we do not guarantee specific placement in search results. Search Engine Optimization is a multifaceted, ongoing endeavor. If you are interested in ranking higher in search results, ask us about our SEO Services.

What Happens Now?

After agreeing to this contract and setting up billing, your set up fee and first monthly payment will be charged. You will then receive a series of forms to walk you through the process of setting up your new website. Here is what you can expect:
  • Style Questionnaire. This form will ask for your preferences on colors and fonts, as well as examples of websites you like and those you dislike.
  • Content Collection. Now that we have an idea of the look, goals, and structure of the site, it’s time to fill it up with your amazing content! We will send you a link to a file you can easily add all the information we will need.
  • Kick Off Call. After you have submitted all of your information, you will receive a link to schedule a call with us to go over any questions or clarifications we or you may have.
Your website will be completed within 2 weeks of receiving all of your information. Please Note: Development must be completed within the first two months. After that, any work done on your website will be subject to your 1 hour monthly development time. Be sure to submit your style preferences, images, and/or content within 6 weeks from contract signing to avoid this scenario.

Monthly Maintenance

Modern websites need constant monitoring, updates, and maintenance, just like your car needs regular oil changes and tune ups. All necessary maintenance and monitoring is included in your subscription ($115/mo value).Here is what’s included with your Website Lease maintenance:
  • Daily full site backups - Stored securely in cloud storage
  • All updates to WordPress
  • Weekly theme updates
  • Weekly plugin updates
  • Weekly database maintenance - Optimize database overhead, clear post revisions
  • Weekly spam clean-up
  • Daily security scans - Immediate notification of malware or site blacklisting
  • Daily vulnerability detection - Flags insecure plugins based on
  • Daily performance check - Checks load time, YSlow and Google PageSpeed scores
  • Uptime monitoring - Checks every 5 minutes
  • Monthly report
In the event of breakage or conflict due to scheduled maintenance, Sweet Tea will spend up to 30 minutes troubleshooting and attempting to repair the issue(s). If all issues are not resolved in that time, your site will be restored to the most recent stable backup and you will be contacted with recommended next steps. If you don't know what anything in this box means, no worries. We are all over it!  

The Fine Print


Monthly lease fees begin at the time of subscription and renew monthly on that date, or the previous business day in the event of weekends / holidays. A credit card is required for a website lease subscription. Late payments will be subject to a 5% late penalty for every 5 days past due. Any overages (hours or expenses) beyond the scope of this contract will be billed on the 30th of the month. You will never be billed for work completed without your prior consent.


  • Upgrade to a newer model: You can choose to stay on with the leasing program and renew your contract for the monthly rate. When choosing this plan, you are eligible for a total redesign, or some select upgrades if you’re still happy with the look of your site.
  • Buy out: If you choose to take your website elsewhere at the end of your lease, there will be $899 buy-out fee (just as if you wanted to buy the car at the end of your lease). We would never hold your site hostage! We'll package everything up for you and send it to you in a format that can be easily imported into a WordPress installation elsewhere.
  • Walk away: At the end of a car lease, you can always walk into the dealer, drop off the keys, and go on with your life. This is not the typical option, but it is possible! You are not committed to anything beyond this initial 12 month agreement. Keep in mind, if you walk away, you will lose your website. (We will keep a backed up copy of it for 3 months in case you change your mind.)


You may cancel your lease contract prior to submitting your style preferences or content, but no longer than one week from contract approval. If you wish to terminate your contract prior to the 12th month, the entire remaining balance for all unpaid months will be due immediately.


Upgrades will be possible at any point during your 12 month contract at a prorated rate.


You are responsible for proofreading and approving all final copy (text) before the launch of the new website. Email verification from you shall be conclusive as to the approval of all artwork, logos, photographs or designs. Additional fees may apply for edits made after Final Artwork has been approved.


Sweet Tea reserves the right to use images of and links to all work produced under this contract for self promotion.


Please fill in the information below to indicate your approval of these terms.
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